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2016 Christmas Club Kits



2016 Christmas Club Kits


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2016 Christmas Club Kits
2016 Christmas Club Kits

I want to share with you my heart. I believe we are more than business owner and customer but friends. With friends we share our lives with one another and I would like a few minutes of your time to do just that.
         Many of you may know how much my husband, Lynn, and I were looking forward to our much needed vacation in August. We rented the little cottage in the mountains of Tennessee. First though, a weekend in Atlanta for a family wedding, reconnecting with family from all over the country, we were excited. Bags packed, car ready, the long drive ahead, but we love driving so no problem. As we neared the Brattleboro exit the phone rings, I answer and it’s my mother. She says, “I’m following the ambulance to the hospital, your father has had some type of episode. Where are you now?” Barely out of VT! For the next 21 hours we made our way to the hospital in Tifton, GA. Worry quickly set in. Praying all the way. We realized there goes the fun wedding plans. Upon arriving to the hospital we were told they weren’t sure what it was that happened, as all tests were normal, but Monday he should see his doctor and cardiologist. So we set off to drive back to Florida. The handwriting on the wall was pretty clear we were not going to that lovely cottage in the mountains for 7 days. Little did we know that phone call would change not only our vacation plans but honestly may just change the rest of our lives.

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